Antonio Maia is a Portuguese graphic designer, currently based in Sydney. He is also a beer and wave enthusiast.
Antonio gave his first steps in art as a toddler, however is inclination for everything design came much later. As some say you always end up right where you were meant to at the right given time!
Nevertheless, Antonio was a keen fan of Dragon Ball Z tv series, fan which as soon as the first episodes clashed in Portugal, started showing he’s vocational path on his room wall where he painted Dragon Ball themes from top to bottom. As a result
of such enthusiasm, many years later, Antonio initiated a bachelor degree in Design, which, for obvious reasons made him assemble his web portfolio.
After his graduation and a shy start in the design business, Antonio decided to travel to London to attend a Master in Design
for communication. Through the two year course He came across various Academic and professional challenges that where the stepping stone to he’s development as a graphic design. At this point Antonio already has some interesting collaborations for such clients/agencies as Hello Fresh, Legendary Studios, Big Fish, Loja do Condomínio, Labuta, BP Energy, Generg and many more.
Antonio is an innovative branding enthusiast, always looking for different solutions for each individual project he's involved in.
He also dislikes talking about himself in the third person... 
I'm always interested in new projects, ideas and collaborations. 
Give me a shout at antonioapsmaia@gmail.com