Demurity was founded in 2013 for Muslim women who wish to taste an alternative style from that which they are not accustomed to. The Muslim youth have been trying different techniques on how to be young and hip but yet covered up without much of a variety to choose from. The Demurity clothing range attempts to address this by applying conventional Islamic designs to the Western style of fashion by providing designs that are versatile, contemporary, and most importantly, modest. I was commissioned to re-brand Demurity, interestingly enough I needed to create a brand which would reflect two opposing concepts, the high fashion and classic in contrast with a young urban style. It was challenging. 
I created a very clean logo and brand material, and in the meantime a very urban and strong marketing statement. Demurity intended to have a logotype with a lotus flowers as a symbol. As a result, simplicity allowed me to achieve the intended outcome: a gentle and modest symbol based on circular shapes with a very vibrant color scheme.

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