White Brand Services received a project proposal from one of their clients, Generg. A roll-up project to exhibit
throughout the company events. I was asked to resume and all the information gathered on their internal
brochure, applying it on a 2.50m x 3m Roll-up.
For the project presentation, it was suggested, one otherroll-up format, a teaser and an annual agenda for the
year of 2014.
A White Brand Services recebeu uma proposta de roll-up para expor em locais de eventos, onde iriam estar várias pessoas. Foi-me pedido para resumir a informação mais importante da brochura anual da Generg num roll-up 2.50m x 3m.
Para apresentação à Generg foi sugerido também um outro formato de roll-up mais pequeno, um teaser e uma
agenda anual de 2014.
Designed while at White
All rights belong to White_Brand Services

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