Boutique Gourmet is a grocery that sells exclusively gourmet products, it further has its own line of Gourmet products. Viabrand was commissioned to create their brand as well as their product line. This project here exhibited is one of the versions presented, and regards their product line that entails of a main brand called Sualma (Yoursoul), which later branches in to several individual brands for each individual product, hence, Divinalama (Devinesoul) brand refers to their wine products, vivalma (Livelysoul) to the champagne products, Subtilalma (Subtlesoul) liquor products, Donalma (Ma’amsoul) jam products and lastly Puralma (Puresoul) regards to Boutique Gourmet products. These individual brands are displayed on the packaging label
Designed while at Viabrand
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