Teste Saúde (redesign proposal)
Editorial Design 

My job as a branding graphic designer for this client revolved around evaluating all the products being produced by this international group. A publishing brand with many years in the market thought it was suitable to have someone with fresh eyes overlooking all the editorial and marketing products, to find a way to implement a new design and branding approach. After some time evaluating this client health-related magazine, decided to present a "cleaner" version of the same product. I used an already printed and distributed magazine number and, focussed on "dissolving" and removing all the elements I felt unnecessary, that otherwise, were increasing the amount of noise. To that extent, I worked with both, an even and odd layout grid added more white space between columns and article photos. Reduced separation boxes and, also focussed on restyling the photographic treatment either on opening articles as well as in product photos. New title design and typographical arrangements were also suggested and finally, created a graphic look and feel more appealing to a younger target.
Designed while at Deco Proteste. All rights belong to Deco Proteste

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